Houseguests and Turtles

I’ve barely posted on this blog in the past week or so, except for quick, general stuff like lists of writers’ birthdays and photos in honor of the occasional weird holiday. That’s because we’ve been busy here with houseguests. I’ve managed to find some time to edit chapters of the science-fiction book I’m working on, too.

Our guests are Bob’s brother Charlie and his wife Lynn. I’m a little more covid-cautious than everyone else here, so I have skipped some activities they’ve chosen. They had originally wanted to visit the big museums, until deciding not to because of crowds. Instead, they have gone to some of the smaller, more obscure museums, which were probably perfectly safe, with masks, but which I still didn’t feel comfortable visiting. That’s OK; I needed the time for writing and for working on my family tree, so Bob went with them, and Jon Morgan and I stayed home. We did go together to Huntley Meadows wetlands area here in Alexandria and to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna. Meadowlark was new to Bob and me, and a lovely place to walk on a gorgeous day.

We have also streamed some television together in the evenings. We have introduced them to The Durrells in Corfu, and they are now converts. And they showed us The Windsors. I find it kind of amusing, but I can’t say that I’ll watch more of it. I think Bob likes it more than I do.

Charlie and Lynn are here until Monday, and it has been great seeing them.

As for those weird holidays, I have more. Today is National Cheese Day, National Pineapple Day, Hug Your Cat Day, Turtle Racing Day, and the Wicket World of Croquet Day. Just in case you were wondering.

It’s National Turtle Racing Day! (As opposed to World Turtle Day, which I posted about last week.) I photographed the turtles above at Huntley Meadows on Wednesday. If they were racing, they were doing so very, very slowly. Of course, it was not Turtle Racing Day when we were there. Maybe they are racing today.

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