Postcards From the World: London, 1958

Untitled photograph by Frank Horvat, London 1958. (This is Postcrossing card US-8315183 from New York.)

Today’s featured postcard shows a photo taken in London, but the card comes to me from a Postcrosser in New York.

The photograph is dated 1958; unfortunately, there is no other information on the card, except for the name of the photographer: Frank Horvat. He was an Italian photographer who spent much of his career in France and was best known for his fashion photography in the 1950s and 1960s and for his pictures of women.

A Postcrosser named Tracy sent me the card. She is married and is the mother of two redheaded daughters. She loves festivals, henna tattoos, international music, pine cones, walks in the woods, and growing her own vegetables and herbs. She likes to read but has trouble making the time for it. And I am pleased to have met her via this stylish yet quirky postcard.

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