Sophomore Year: That’s a Wrap

On Thursday, he took his final exam. Then we packed up some of the stuff in his dorm room and moved it to a storage unit we rented near campus. It was that, or rent a van this week and again in August, who cart his dorm stuff back and forth — and find a place in our house to store it all summer. His dorm is set up in apartments, so in addition to the usual clothes and dorm things, he had kitchen stuff to pack up. As a music major, he also had a piano. In other words, he has way too much to fit into our little compact Prius.

Today, we cleared everything else out of the dorm room and loaded up the rest of his belongings — the stuff that is coming home for the summer — into the Prius. And his Sophomore year of college is over.

I guess I should clarify by saying that he has technically been a Junior all semester, because of extra credits he’s earned through AP testing and summer coursework. But this is the end of his second year on campus. I’m looking forward to having him home all summer! We have a few more days before we get there. We’ve rented a cabin on a riverbank a little outside of town, and have another two days to relax there before heading home.

Yes, those are Star Wars pajama bottoms he’s wearing. They are the only clean pants he has left! Much of what we squashed into the car is dirty laundry; the cabin where we are staying has a washer and dryer, so he will have clean clothes this weekend.

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