Countdown to Summer Break

So far, it’s just some of Bob’s old papers and books filling the new storage unit, but soon we’ll have stuff from Jon Morgan’s dorm room there, too.

My son will soon come home from school for the summer! I am looking forward to having him back, and I know he is looking forward to a break from studying. Except that he won’t have that much of a break; he’s taking a summer school class that packs a semester’s worth of work into a month, so he’ll be busy with that for the first month of his summer vacation.

He will be in the same dorm room again next year; unfortunately, he can’t just leave his stuff there all summer. I say dorm room, but it’s really an on-campus apartment with a kitchen, living room, and bedroom, so he has more than just his clothes and a computer.

We rented a storage unit near campus for the summer, so we won’t have to rent a van to bring all of his stuff home and then rent another one to bring it back to school in August. It will be nice not to have it all filling up the living room all summer, like last year! We wanted a five-by-five unit, but the smallest we could get was five-by-ten. So we’ve decided to fill the extra space with some stuff from the basement that has to be moved out of there temporarily — boxes of old papers and books — so we can proceed with having tile installed, a project we’ve been putting off for way too long.

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