Camp NaNo: a Good Start

Camp NaNoWriMo started yesterday, and I blew past my word count goals for both yesterday and today.

The goal is 1,667 words a day, to finish a 50,000-word novel by the end of the month. I am mostly editing and rewriting my rough draft, so the task isn’t as daunting. Well, it isn’t as daunting for me; I know many writers who would much rather write than edit and rewrite.

In any case, I couldn’t think of a better way to track progress than counting words. While it’s true that a lot of those words were already written, I can’t exactly count only new words written, since my rewrite is intended to cut the number of words, not add to it. And ultimately, what I’m aiming for is to get this manuscript done. So the word count of each chapter as this round of editing is finished seems like a reasonable way to track progress.

So, for April 1, my word count was 3,482 words. For today, it’s 3,262. That gives me a total of 6,744 words. More tomorrow….

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