The End of Spring Break

Packing up the car to head back to school.

Spring has only just sprung, but Spring Break is over. We just packed up the car to take the college student back to school. It’s been great having him home for a week, but it never seems like enough time.

I know some students want to party at the beach for spring break. My son really just wanted to relax at home for a week. And that’s exactly what he did. He had some tasks to complete; we all did, really. Some of them were completed, and some were not.

We filled out the FASFA form, and he found a roommate for next year and completed the paperwork. He played a lot of video games. He saw his Nana and his Aunt Karen. He worked on the music composition he has to present in class on Wednesday, though I don’t think he got as far as he’d hoped. And he finished most but not quite all of his laundry.

On the other hand, he did not get around to scanning the music he was supposed to make copies of. We didn’t rig up a hanger for a large pizza box he wants to put on his wall. (It was a 28-inch Benny Sorrentino’s pizza; apparently the box hanging on a dorm room wall is to a pizza-eating student what an animal-head trophy is to a big-game hunter.) But we did figure out a way for him to hang it when he gets there.

In any case, I love having him here. I love having him show me a new level he’s created on Geometry Dash, listening to him practice piano, and watching movies with him late at night. I love our conversations about his classes at school, current events, or the finer points of a Doctor Who episode.

Less than two months remain of the school year, and then he’ll be home for the summer, unless he signs up for a summer program or internship of some sort.

In any case, I’ll miss him.

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