Neither Rain nor Snow….

I mentioned a few days ago that we were expecting a snowstorm on Saturday. We got it. I woke up in Harrisonburg, Virginia, yesterday morning to thickly falling snow.

But neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night will keep me from getting my kid home for spring break. So after breakfast, I quickly packed up my own stuff at the B&B where I was staying and scraped the snow off the car. By the time I got the suitcase into the back, the car was covered again and needed to be scraped a second time. The driveway was completely covered, so the B&B owner offered to drive around the driveway in his four-wheel drive vehicle so that those of us trying to leave would have his tire tracks to follow and might avoid running off the driveway into a ditch. By the time he finished his rounds, my car was covered again, and I had to scrape off the snow a third time. But I was able to get onto the road safely.

I drove to my son’s dorm and we loaded his backpack, laptop, music books, and laundry. And then the car needed clearing off a fourth time before we finally got on the road. At least I had him to help me that time.

Roads in Harrisonburg weren’t great, but the interstates were clear, though with low visibility. Conditions improved as we traveled north, and we arrived in Alexandria to find much less snow on the ground here, and none at all still falling.

The view from breakfast at the B&B Saturday morning in Harrisonburg.

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