Winter Weather Advisory

This afternoon it was 63 degrees out, here in Harrisonburg, with a gentle breeze. A few little white clouds embellished a clear blue sky. And a Winter Storm Advisory begins in about 10 hours, with ice and snow. The following night, the temperature dips to 7 degrees. So much for spring weather.

Officials are advising people not to drive tomorrow. But I have to drive tomorrow. I was in town first for my son’s concert Wednesday night, and then had planned to stay until Friday afternoon — that would be now — and drive him home for Spring Break.

That’s before he discovered he is required to be at a recital on campus tonight of another student in his university program. You’d think the department would not schedule an event with required attendance the Friday night before Spring Break, but apparently that was not a consideration.

So I extended my room at the inn for another night, and we’re leaving Saturday morning instead. And that means driving in the messy weather. I’m not thrilled, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a way around it.

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