Write Away: Chapters 17-20

I’ve been revising and reworking parts of my novel manuscript. I’ve been hung up on Chapters 17 to 20 this week, but I think I’m getting close.

The hard part is trying to reconcile different versions. Chapter 17, in particular, was feeling too long and complicated. I felt it was slowing the action too much. So I tried writing a more streamlined version, which ended up running into Chapter 18, as well. Then I was left with several different versions of each, and realized some of what I cut from the earlier version actually needed to be reinstated. Picking out the best parts from each version, putting them in the most logical order, giving each scene the most logical narrator, and letting go of the excess exposition has been harder than anticipated. I hope to finish this weekend, despite some traveling.

Once I get through these chapters, I may be ready to send another batch off to my coauthor/editor.

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