Rape Culture

I had a disturbing exchange on Facebook today with a guy who thinks a 22-year-old woman should not wear a bikini on the beach around her own brothers and father for fear that they will be attracted to her and unable to control themselves. He says it is not men’s fault that “the nature of attraction is a fickle thing” and that teenage boys and younger men, in particular, not only can’t master their impulses, but don’t even know what impulses they should be trying to master.

I am pretty darn sure most teenage boys understand that raping their sister is a bad thing.

This troglodyte went on to say that attractive women should take it as a compliment that men want to rape them.

When I disagreed, he said I was “overreacting and missing the message,” which was “typical of a woman.” He said that men don’t try to explain things to women because we’re just going to get all “overemotional.”

After talking to a guy like this, even online, I feel like I need a shower.

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