Month of Valentine Letters

I posted yesterday about February being the Month of Letters, or LetterMo. I’m taking the challenge, as I usually do, which means writing and mailing at least one letter or card each day this month, and replying to anyone who writes to me.

Valentine’s Day is coming, so several of the cards I’ve sent in the first nine days of the month have been Valentine’s cards. One was the cute little penguin you see here. I mailed him off today to my father and stepmother in California.

Two of the Valentines I sent were three-dimensional pop-up ones. A longtime friend (we met when we were 12) moved last week to a new apartment in Chicago. So I sent her a combination Valentine’s Day card and housewarming card. It was the third day of the month when I sent it, and she said it was her first piece of mail in her new place. She’s always been a Peanuts fan (as in Charlie Brown, not the nuts) so I sent her a card with Snoopy and Woodstock.

And then there was the Valentine I sent to my son. This was another pop-up card, this time featuring Grogu (“Baby Yoda”) since my son is a big Star Wars fan and we watched The Mandelorian together.

I guess there was one other Valentine so far this month, this time to one of my sisters. On Feb. 7, I sent a combination Valentine’s Day card and birthday card, with a store gift card enclosed, to my oldest sister, who lives in California. Her birthday is Valentine’s Day. But I did not think to scan the card first, so I’m not posting that one here.

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