A Woman of Letters

I realize I haven’t posted yet this month about LetterMo, which is short for the Month of Letters. Every year in February, the challenge is to write and send at least one piece of mail each day. And to respond to each piece of mail you receive (if appropriate and possible — nobody expects you to reply to the gas bill or to the company trying to sell you windows). Also, LetterMo correspondence is supposed to be traditional mail, sent through the post, not email.

The challenge is open to anyone who wants to take part. And you can send mail to friends and family, longtime pen pals, new pen pals found on the LetterMo site, or anyone else. You can also write letters as part of various programs that send, for example, cards to cancer patients, or care packages to soldiers stationed overseas.

I’ve been a LetterMo participant for years. I love the Month of Letters. I’ve always been a letter writer, and this forum has introduced me to people who have become ongoing pen pals, all year long. Also, LetterMo nicely complements Postcrossing, the site that encourages members to send postcards to each other, all over the world. I joined Postcrossing in 1909.

My plan was to post here each day about what I sent or received, but clearly that did not happen. I have sent at least one piece of mail per day, so I’m on track with the challenge. And I will post my LetterMo highlights periodically over the next few weeks.

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