One More Post About the Coffee Table

When we checked into a hotel in Quakertown, PA, Friday night, the clerk asked what brought us there from Virginia in the middle of a snowstorm. I told him we’d found the perfect coffee table online, so we drove 3.5 hours to buy it. He replied, “That must be a really good coffee table.”

We think our new coffee table was worth eight hours in the car. (We could have just ordered it, but we wanted to see it in person before committing, and we didn’t want to pay $250 shipping.) We are amazed at how much this table looks like a mini-me version of the mahogany desk in my office.

The one thing I don’t like about the coffee table is that it completely outclasses our tired, old hand-me-down loveseat, making it look even shabbier than it already did. We have been searching for a full-size sofa to replace it. Now I really have to find something soon.

I promise. I will now stop posting about my new coffee table. At least, for a while.

My new coffee table, bought at an antique store in Pennsylvania on Friday, was worth the trip. It’s got a ton of storage, and it’s going to look great in the room — as soon as we replace the worn-out loveseat with a full-size couch that is worthy of its new companion piece.

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