Stalking the Elusive Coffee Table

I have been searching for months for a coffee table. I want something with storage, and a big, flat, rectangular top that’s a suitable venue for art projects, writing, a casual lunch, or laptop use. I want something that doesn’t look like the three models that pretty much every store and online selling site has in stock. Something practical but not boring. And something that doesn’t cost $3000.

I’ve been surprised at how hard it is to find. But this week, I spotted something on a website. Something that seems to fit all my criteria. We could order online and have it shipped. But the store is only a few hours from here, shipping costs $250, and we’d really like to see it in person before committing. So we’re now planning a road trip to check it out. If all goes well, we’ll be driving home with a very cool coffee table stuffed in the back of the car.

Stay tuned….

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