After Life / Afterlife

After Life and Afterlife. Both British television series, but not at all the same thing!

I kept seeing a lot of posts online about the British television show After Life. At first, whenever I read a post about it, I found myself nodding, agreeing that it was a compelling series; I saw it years ago and liked it very much. Then someone mentioned that it starred Ricky Gervais. Huh? No, it didn’t, I thought. It starred Lesley Sharp. Finally, I realized I was thinking of a different series entirely.

Lesley Sharp played a troubled woman with psychic abilities on a show called Afterlife (one word). The Ricky Gervais show about a man dealing with grief over his wife’s death was After Life (two words).

I enjoyed Afterlife. Sharp was brilliant in it. And her co-star Andrew Lincoln was also great, as a skeptical academic with his own baggage. The series was well written and acted, with an eerie, atmospheric feel to it. Too bad there were only two seasons.

Come to think of it, since Sharp’s character’s psychic ability involved talking to the dead, maybe these two shows could have done a crossover episode!

In any case, the Gervais show is getting a lot of press lately; its final episode aired recently and apparently was just wonderful. I guess I need to see that one, too.

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