Another Test, Another Negative

I posted last week about feeling lousy and trying to get tested for covid-19. I’m fully vaccinated and boosted against covid, but with the new Omicron variant, a lot of vaccinated people are getting it, so I thought I should find out if I had it. The covid testing sites were not taking walk-ins, and the next available appointment was more than a week away. I finally managed to find a home covid-19 test. It was negative.

So apparently I just had a bad cold. That’s kind of what I thought all along. But before I found that the drugstore had restocked the home tests so I could buy one, I had made a testing appointment. It was Jan. 18, which was the soonest time I could get in. The home tests provide only an immediate picture of immunity; doctors recommend another test in a few days anyway.

In the meantime, the cold symptoms had lessened, and I nearly canceled the appointment. But my cough, headache, and general fatigue reasserted themselves this week. So yesterday I kept my appointment and got the test. And tonight I learned that I’m still negative for covid, despite feeling rotten.

I think I’ll take some NyQuil and go to bed.

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