Back to School

We drove down to campus to bring our son back to school on Saturday. We started moving him in that afternoon, bought him a load of groceries, and had takeout that night in our hotel room. Then we spent the night at the hotel, finished getting him set up on Sunday, and left town a little after the big snowstorm began.

Sunday was Jon Morgan’s twentieth birthday. I already mentioned that we began celebrating it several days earlier. Of course, he had to have a cake on his actual birthday, too, so I bought him one at the grocery store, with writing on the top that said, fittingly, “Let It Snow.”

Snow was falling heavily as we left town. We’d hoped to outrun the storm on the way home. We never did outrun it, though it wasn’t snowing quite as heavily as we moved north and then east. Still, we were glad to arrive home when we did; the roads were getting slick as we made it home.

We made several interesting discoveries this weekend. First of all, our sophomore is technically a junior! He has enough credit hours for junior status. If he keeps at it, he could probably graduate a semester early. But I think he’d be better served by remaining in school and taking more classes, maybe picking up a second major or a minor.

The other discovery was not as impressive. Apparently, when he said, before we left home, that he had packed up his clothes, he didn’t mean that he had actually finished packing everything he needed to bring. What he really meant was that he’d lost interest in packing and so declared himself finished. I don’t think he has enough underwear to last two weeks (which is his goal) between visits to the laundry room. He also forgot to pack a new pair of pants he’d meant to bring, and his concert dress shirts. And who knows what else.

He’ll probably be OK on the concert shirts; most likely he will not have any concerts in the first month of the semester, and he will probably be home for a weekend in February. As for the laundry, well, he’ll just have to wash clothes more often than he’d like. Maybe that will teach him to pack more carefully next time.

He’s moved back into the dorm for the new semester! This is the bedroom. He and his roommate also have a small kitchen and living room. His roommate wasn’t there yet, but did arrive today.

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