Almost 20

My son will turn 20 in a few days! But his birthday is the same day that we’re moving him back into his dorm at school– and a snowstorm is expected that afternoon, so we’ll have to rush back home from campus rather than sticking around to celebrate with him.

So we thought we’d start celebrating a little early, with a pre-birthday cake last night, complete with 20 candles.

And the party continues. Today his girlfriend is coming over, and we’re having Old Forge pizza for dinner; I’ve arranged to have some shipped here for the occasion. This best-pizza-ever comes from Old Forge, Pennsylvania, a small town outside of Scranton that was settled by Italian immigrants, including my great grandparents. I’m sure they’d be happy to know we’re paying homage to their adopted town’s culinary heritage.

If you think having pizza delivered from 250 miles away is overly extravagant, well, you’ve never had Old Forge pizza. You really can’t get it anywhere else, and it is my son’s favorite meal anywhere. Probably mine and my husband’s, too.

I feel bad that we didn’t really get him a birthday present. We just have no idea what to get him — except for the case for his new phone that I ordered for him. We will have to give him a raincheck for a birthday gift. I do like the fact that he did not have a long list of stuff he wants. Or any list at all.

But it’s hard to believe his teenage years are nearly over!

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