Throwback Thursday: Steamship

I just found an image from an old postcard of the S.S. Chicago, the steamship that brought my great grandmother and three of her children to Ellis Island in 1909. Francesca Piccioli was from the Marche region of Italy, but she had been working as a wet nurse in France, which explains why she boarded a ship on the French Line of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique company.

The S.S. Chicago left Le Havre, France, on April 14, 1909. My great-grandmother Francesca Piccioli was on board, along with her children Stefano, 10, Mario, 6, and Pierina, 2. My great-grandfather Fortunato had arrived in 1907 to work and save up enough money so his family could join him in northeastern Pennsylvania, where my grandmother and five more brothers were born.

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