Snomicron Update

In honor of the Omicron coronavirus variant that’s blasting through the country right now, some have nicknamed yesterday’s snowstorm Snomicron.

Monday’s snow was beautiful, but a foot of it was a lot more than anyone expected! In addition to losing at least one tree in our yard, we lost internet service for most of the day Tuesday. I’m not complaining; it could have been a lot worse. Thousands of households in our area lost electricity, and some power company customers are still in the dark.

Our internet service was out completely today, until this evening. After that it continued to be intermittent, but it now seems to be working.

Schools were closed today and yesterday, though Alexandria schools, unlike most others in the area, had online learning rather than declaring a snow day. With so many families in the city in a power outage or at least an internet outage, a lot of parents and students are not pleased. I am so glad my son already graduated!

My husband was off work Monday. Today he was supposed to be working from home, but with no internet access, he decided to go in to Capitol Hill after lunchtime to work at the office. Streets in our neighborhood are still bad today, with a lot of downed trees. But the worse traffic I’ve heard of this week involved a 48-mile backup on I-95. Hundreds of cars were stranded on the interstate for 24 hours, including all of Monday night and well into Tuesday.

I am so glad I can just stay home until the weather clears up! Stay warm and safe, everyone.

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