Shower Scene

We finished a house project today! We found a solution for our weird bathroom window, and finally completed the work. First of all, this window is in the shower of our main-floor lavender-and-pink-tiled 50s bathroom, across the hall from my son’s room. This was once an exterior window, but an addition was built behind it years ago, and this window now looks INSIDE THE WALL.

When we bought the house, a wooden shutter sat in the window; lights had been installed in the wall to look like sunlight filtering through the shutter. A shower is a terrible place for a wooden window frame and shutter! Someday we will remodel the bathroom. For now, we needed a stopgap measure so our son can shower in his bathroom without further damaging the window.

We got rid of the mildewed shutter and repainted and glossed the window frame and sill with the most waterproof stuff we could find. We replaced the fluorescent lights inside with LED. We covered the window panes with stained-glass film. We frosted a sheet of plexiglass and hung it inside the wall because the the lights inside were still too clearly visible. Then we added a thick piece of clear plexiglass over the window on the shower side, to protect as much of the window as possible.

I’m really happy with the way this turned out.

Before we added the stained-glass film, repainted and sealed the trim, and covered it all with plexiglass, this mildewy shutter sat on the window but was not actually installed. The window trim and sill were badly water damaged. And the window was no longer on an exterior wall, after an addition to the back of the house, but looked inside the wall. In the final photo, you can even see the purple-splotched wallpaper that was there when we first moved in. We switched that out right away and painted the walls lavender.

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