2021 Reading Challenge Completed

Happy New Year! The year is just about over, and so is my 2021 Reading Challenge on the Goodreads website. My goal for the year was 125 books read. I completed the 125th book earlier this week. It was Jacqueline Woodson’s Hush. And yesterday I finished a bonus book, number 126. It was Rosie Meleady’s second memoir, A Rosie Life in Italy 2: What Have We Done?

I think I chose that one because it feels like the final book of the year somehow sets the stage for the following year. And Rosie’s memoir is about moving to Italy and restoring an old villa in Umbria. While I don’t actually plan to buy a villa in Umbria in 2022, it is a fantasy of mine. With my pandemic-induced travel moratorium, I so need to hang onto my travel fantasies.

Last year my reading goal was a bit higher, at 130 books, and I did manage to read that many. I thought about setting my 2021 goal at 130, as well, but I decided to cut back slightly, because I remembered choosing books at the end of 2020 on the basis of shorter lengths, to make sure I finished reading enough of them. I’d rather not feel pressured to do that.

For 2022, I’m thinking of shooting for 130. What about you? What’s your reading goal?

This shows the covers of the last few books I read in 2021. Of course I’m already reading number 127, but I won’t come close to finishing it before midnight.

And here are my total books read in each of the past seven years.

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