O, Tannenbaum

The tree is up, and the lights are lit. Today, we plan to hang the ornaments, set up toy train tracks and a train around the base, and top it all off with a Weeping Angel.

The tree is up.

We originally put it up more than a week ago, but there was a problem with some of the lights. Bob took the tree apart and tried to fix the strands that wouldn’t light, but he was unable to. Finally, he just added a set of working lights to fill in the dark spots where the broken ones were. Apparently he can’t easily remove the old lights, because they’re connected to the tree itself and to the lights that are working. So the new strand is wrapped around the tree over some of the old lights that refuse to glow. It’ll do.

Today, we will add the ornaments. I use the word “we” optimistically. Last year, my husband and son kept saying they wanted to decorate the tree. But when the time came, my son got bored quickly, and my husband remembered other things he had to do. And I ended up hanging most of the ornaments myself.

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