Getting His Kicks

Facebook today reminded me of several memories of past December 8s. Two of them were Tae Kwon Do-related.

Nine years ago today, on December 8, 2012, my son, then 10, earned his Black Belt in TKD. (I had been taking classes at the same time, but I never got beyond Purple Belt.)

There was also a TKD memory from just three years ago, in 2018, when he passed a grueling, hours-long test for his Third-Degree Black Belt. One part of the test involved a speed-kicking contest. Here is a little bit of the footage of him trying to kick as many times as possible in two minutes, while already tired from many other portions of the test. He won, with 250 kicks.

After he successfully completed all the various parts of the test, he had to run home to shower and change for a Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Concert that evening, where he may have been the only violinist who was a Third-Degree Black Belt.

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