Postcards From the World: Mother of Lighthouses

Today I am spotlighting a postcard that arrived here yesterday from a Postcrosser named Siriku in Helsinki, Finland. The moody, dramatic photo shows Bengtskär Lighthouse, which Siriku says has a very stormy history involving treacherous waters and a World War II battle with the Soviets. According to the lighthouse’s own website, “Bengtskär is the mother, grandmother and godmother of all lighthouses!”

Today, visitors can stay there at the lighthouse. In fact, the website entices us with “good, traditional archipelago cuisine and a lovely host couple as well as a charming staff.” Siriku also says on her card that it’s popular among tourists. As for Siriku herself, she says she makes her own mixed-media postcards. (They’re fascinating! See some here on her website.) She also mentions her two dogs, Pim and Morris.

Bengtskär Lighthouse, built in 1906, sits on a skerry — a small, rocky reef — in the Archipelago Sea, about 25 kilometers southwest of Hanko, Finland.

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