More Halloween Houses

Yesterday I posted photographs of some of the Halloween decorations in my neighborhood, including some of those that won our annual neighborhood contest for decorated homes. Today, I have a few more highlights.

One of the contest finalists imagined a toxic zombie apocalypse, with workers in hazmat suits, spilled barrels of toxic waste, and zombies being rounded up and locked away. Here are a couple of photos. I especially like the creepy guy in the gas mask.

Below are a smattering of photos from various houses, including some pretty darn cool ones. The pirate skeletons were a common theme among local Halloween houses, but their placement on a porch, behind the railing, and the addition of a ship’s wheel set this one apart. Notice the pretty white dog in the window of the blue house, looking out at the cute ghosts by the wall — or, more likely, at me taking photographs of the cute ghosts. And gravestones like these, with funny or corny inscriptions, are popular throughout the neighborhood.

In the final group of images, below, the first shot doesn’t really do justice to the large collection of ghosts and ghouls that decorate this front yard; I particularly like the purple witch’s hat that floats in the air by itself. The photo in the bottom left corner, in the last group of images, shows the Winter Howlympics, where a skeleton plays ice hockey against a spider goal-keeper and the spider’s vulture assistant. And in the image at bottom right, the Dr. Seuss hat on the skull in the birdbath is a nice touch.

Happy Halloween!

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