The Night Before Halloween

We took a walk around the neighborhood this evening to see the finalists and grand prize winner of the neighborhood Halloween decorating contest. But we also saw some terrific decorations that were not entered into the contest. Here are three of my favorites.

One of the most elaborate and creepiest is the Haunted Wedding house. This one was not officially entered into the contest, but it would have been a strong contender if it had been. There is a lot to love here: most notably, the bloody wedding gown, the spiderweb-shrouded cake, and the Handmaid’s Tale bridesmaids. Very cool.

Next, I have some images of the Dead & Breakfast, which was the first-place winner in the Del Ray Best Decorated Home Contest.

I find the most interesting house decorations this year are the ones with a consistent theme, and this was one of the best.

The attention to detail here is impressive: the clever “Dead & Breakfast” sign;, the gate house at the entrance, staffed by the creepy, one-eyed doll; the red-capped undead bellhop rising out the ground; and the zombies trying to scale the building to break in through a window. And I love the fact that the “head chef,” who is a disembodied head, has supplies out on the table including a bottle of ChamPAIN with the designation “BRUTAL.”

The house shown above, MargaritaHELL, was one of the contest finalists. It comes complete with a Jimmy Buffet soundtrack. The dancing skeletons in aloha wear, the skeleton on a beach chair with a skelebong, and their hula-skirted friends at the bar all seem to be, well, not exactly LIVING it up, but at least partying it up in the afterlife. And the actual boat with the pirate skeleton is a nice touch.

I have more, but this is getting long, so I’ll post some different ones tomorrow.

Happy Halloween Eve!

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