How Much Laundry Fits Into a Prius?

Stuffing two sophomore boys’ laundry into a Prius is like the old circus gag about how many clowns you can squeeze into a Volkswagen. And in our case, there’s a piano and a violin hidden in there, too, under the laundry!

He’s here! I posted yesterday to say my son would be coming home today for fall break.

So this morning we drove down and loaded up the car with his stuff and his roommate’s, almost all of it for both sophomores consisting of dirty laundry. Then we reshuffled and repacked until we could actually fit it all in our little hatchback and still have room for two adults and two teens.

(I’m not sure why I distinguished us by age, the teens in this case being larger than the adults.)

We had lunch at one of the campus dining halls. The 1980s music that was playing there — Fleetwood Mac, the Clash, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel — made me feel like I was back in my own college dining hall! Or it would have, if the food weren’t way, way, way better than anything my own university’s cafeterias ever served.

Then we squeezed back into the car and headed north, stopping on the way to drop off my son’s roommate at his own house. Now we’re home, with laundry piled up at the basement door waiting for my son to take it downstairs and actually wash it. And no, I will not launder his clothes for him.

It’s great to have him home, even if it’s only for a long weekend. And even if he has to spend a lot of it doing laundry!

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