A Musical Interlude: The Video

I posted Thursday night about the concert I attended at my son’s university. He’s second chair in the first violin section of the JMU Chamber Orchestra. I drove down yesterday afternoon to attend.

The theme of the concert was “Mozart’s Circle.” Mozart is one of the three composers whose works are featured; the other two were friends of Mozart.

  • First, you’ll hear Hayden’s Symphony No. 82 in C Major, H. 1/82. This is movement 1, Vivace Assai.
  • Next are three movements from lesser-known composer Carl Friedrich Abel’s Little Symphony in G Major, Op. 1/6. They are Allegro Assai, Andantino, and Menuet.
  • Finally, Mozart himself is represented with one of his earlier works. In fact, he wrote this one at the age of 18, the same age of some of the students who are onstage performing it. This is his Symphony No. 29 in A Major, K. 201, with movements I.Allegro Moderato, II.Andante, III.Menuetto: Allegretto Trio, and IV.Allegro Con Spirito.

The first piece is conducted by orchestra director Foster Beyers, the next by PhD Conducting student Kim Souther, and the third by Master’s Conducting student Thomas O’Keefe.

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