Friday Photo: Sunflowers

This week I attended Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. In the room where images were being projected, to music, on all four walls and the floor, we were all seated on benches or chair, or on pillows on the floor. I took many photos in that room, but this is one of my favorites. This child near me kept fidgeting, stretching, changing positions, and wandering around the area. I caught him in this contorted position, among the contorted sunflower petals on the floor. The word “Sunflowers” on the wall looks like a title I photoshopped in, but it was actually part of the images being projected there, with the writhing sunflowers washing across the wall behind it.

(Also see one of the videos I took that day; I posted it a few days ago.)

The child looks like part of the painting, but he was an actual, live child moving around on the floor and trying to catch the sunflower images streaming across the room.

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