Throwback Thursday: Sicilians in the Family

Sicilians Anna Pecora Curcio (1845-1880) and Calogero Curcio (1850-1882) are among my newly found relatives.

I wrote last week about a breakthrough in my genealogical research. First, I found names for three more generations back in my paternal grandmother’s line. I was still reeling from that discovery, when those names yielded more names, and suddenly I knew the name of my ninth great grandfather, born in Italy in or around 1620.

The number of generations I’ve discovered in that branch of my family tree stunned me to such an extent that I did not focus much on what I found in a different line of my family, my maternal grandmother’s branch of the tree, where I also reached back, not to the 17th century, but three generations further than before. Even better, for this line of the family, I have pictures!

I am not a direct descendant of this couple, but they do appear in my tree. And I love knowing what they looked like! They are Calogero Curcio (1850-1882) and Anna Pecora Curcio (1845-1880). I know this sounds convoluted, but stick with me here: They are the paternal grandfather and grandmother of Anna Curcio Bartocci, who is my great great aunt, give or take a great or two. And they were from Sicily. As far as I know, all of my ancestors are Italian, but I never knew we had Sicilians in the family!

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