Early Voting

My son is coming home from college for a weekend at the end of the month. I’d been hoping he could vote while he’s here, but it turns out that there is no early voting on Saturdays in September. Early voting starts September 17, but weekend hours don’t start until October. That’s annoying.

I know that he can vote by mail. I just don’t really trust the mail lately, and I’m concerned about the whole process for counting mail-in ballots. I’d rather see him vote in person. Also, I think voting in person feels more real and immediate, and with a new voter (it’s only his second general election) that seems like a good idea. I want him to be in the habit of voting in every election. Voting by mail isn’t nearly as memorable.

Maybe I’ll encourage him to pick a weekend in October to come home instead.

Information about early voting in Virginia.

Early voting dates and locations for Alexandria.

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