Throwback Thursday: 1936 Wedding

August 1936. In the U.S. and around the world, the Great Depression lingered on. In Britain, Edward VIII had ascended to the throne earlier that year, but his scandalous affair with divorcee Wallis Simpson would lead to his abdication before the year was out. In Berlin, the Nazis were rapidly gaining power, and Jesse Owens was racking up gold medals in the Olympic games.

And in northeastern Pennsylvania, my grandparents were vowing to love and honor each other until death did them part.

A little research tonight just turned up this clipping from August 13, 1936, issue of The Tribune, of Scranton Pennsylvania. Yes, it’s my grandparents’ wedding announcement!

They married on August 10 of that year. I love the way it describes the clothes and the flowers in such detail. To see their wedding photo, click here for a link to an earlier post.

This announcement provides some information I did not previously have in my records. I did not have the address of their first home together. And I’ve never heard of Mary Nozajocky, the woman who was my grandmother’s maid of honor, though it’s possible that this is her maiden name, and that I knew her by a married name. I don’t recognize the names of the women who provided music, either. Maybe my father remembers.

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