Stuff and Nonsense, Part 2

Today we were back at the self-storage place, clearing out another load from the storage unit we want to have emptied by the end of the month. We couldn’t clear out as large a load as we would have liked, since we had stopped at the home-improvement store on the way for some boring but necessary items, and already had in the car the dehumidifier, microwave oven, and plants for the yard that we had just bought. And our car is quite small.

In any case, we managed nonetheless to clear out more stuff. Here is where we are now with that 10-by-10-foot unit. We need to get the rest of this stuff out of here in the next three weeks.

This is what remains in the storage unit we’re trying to empty. I wish we’d taken photos when it was full, so you could see that we’ve actually made a lot of progress, though we still have far to go. Our goal is to have it cleared out by the end of the month.

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