Ida’s Last Stand

The remnants of Hurricane Ida reached us today. We’ve had bouts of heavy rain and wind, alternating with periods of moderate rain and even some of no rain at all. We’ve been under a tornado watch for much of the day, but the only actual tornado warnings are fairly far from here.

The creek across the street looked high a few hours ago, but then the rain slacked off, and the level receded. But it’s raining buckets now, so it will rise again.

It’s unfortunate that this has hit so soon after several major storms in the past few weeks. Many basements in the neighborhood flooded more than once in August, and a lot of those are probably going to take on water today and tonight, as well.

We, on the other hand, live in a house that sits on a hill, with even the basement well above street level. And street level is eight or ten feet above the usual level of the creek. As long as the power stays on and our many large trees stay vertical, we will be fine.

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