Willful Ignorance

Ever since the Covid-19 vaccine became widely available in the United States, a large minority of those who are eligible have been refusing to get vaccinated. Many claim they don’t want the vaccination because it has not been approved by the FDA, and thus is an experimental drug. Of course, it was approved all along, for emergency usage, but they said they were waiting for full approval.

A few days ago, the Pfizer vaccine received full approval. This is wonderful news. Some of the former naysayers feel ready to get the vaccination, now that it’s no longer considered experimental.

Unfortunately, most do not. Instead, they’re now claiming that the FDA is lying, that the vaccine is not really approved. In other words, their opposition never had anything to do with the vaccination’s approval status. They just don’t want it. Because when there’s a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus causing a worldwide pandemic that has killed more than 4 million people, it makes perfect sense to turn down science’s best option for avoiding it, right? What is wrong with these people?

In other News of the Ignorant, I was part of an online conversation today in which one woman said the vaccine was dangerous; she knows this because a friend who was vaccinated got Covid-19 anyway.

Oddly, she also claimed that Covid-19 is not real, that doctors are lying about it and intentionally misdiagnosing what are actually sinus infections. She said she can prove it. Her evidence: She tested positive for covid and someone she knew tested negative. Yet, they both had the same symptoms. Her friend had a sinus infection; therefore, hers had to be a sinus infection too, despite the positive covid test. Because if they both had the same symptoms, then they had to have the same medical condition. Right?

I am so sick of dangerously stupid people.

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