Back to the Book

Now that summer break is over and my son has returned to campus for his sophomore year of college, I need to get back to writing the science-fiction novel. Of course, I’d never stopped writing, but we’ve been so busy getting ready to bring him back to school that I have not gotten a lot done in the past few weeks.

In fact, I haven’t written any new words; I’ve been focused on editing the first fifteen or twenty chapters (I don’t have an exact chapter count because I have been considering moving the chapter breaks around a bit). Today I wrote outside on the patio, with a writer friend who came over to work on her own book. And, at last I finished this current round of editing that I wanted to do before moving on. Tomorrow I plan to jump in and move forward with the plot. I know where it’s going, but I have a lot of details to work out.

Have I mentioned that I hate first drafts?

2 thoughts on “Back to the Book

  1. Really? I hate the editing phase more, but maybe that’s because I’m a pantser. Will try outlining my next novel and see if I’ll hate the first draft, lol. Good luck with this project!


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