August 25 Writer Birthdays

1575 – Bartol Kašić, Croatian writer, linguist, translator, and lexicographer who was a Jesuit clergyman and grammarian during the Counter-Reformation; he wrote the first Croatian grammar and translated the Bible and the Roman Rite into Croatian.

1780 – Conradine Birgitte Dunker (née Hansteen), Norwegian writer, memoirist, and salonnière who held a prominent spot in the social life of the capital city; her memoirs, published posthumously, are valuable sources on 19th-century cultural life.

1797 – Ludwika Róza Ossolinska, popular Polish writer, poet, children’s writer, and philanthropist.

1836 – Bret Harte, American author and poet, best remembered for his accounts of pioneering life in California.1837 – Luisa Pérez de Zambrana (née Luisa Pérez y Montes de Oca), Cuban writer and translator’ she was one of Cuba’s greatest poets.

1845 – Judith Gautier, French poet, playwright, translator, historical novelist, Oriental scholar, and singer; many of her works dealt with Chinese and Japanese themes.

1849 – Anastasia Tumanishvili-Tsereteli, Georgian writer, opinion journalist, children’s author, editor, and educator who made important contributions to cultural developments in her country, particularly for women.

1850 – Edgar Wilson Nye, American journalist, humorist, and newspaper founder; he sometimes used the pen name “Bill Nye,” after a character in a famous poem by another August 25 birthday writer, Bret Harte.

1868 – Yamada Bimyo, Japanese novelist who was one of the most influential literary reformers in 1880s Japan; he is remembered for his role in developing the modern form of the Japanese historical novel.

1891 – David Shimoni, award-winning Belarusian-born Israeli poet, author, translator, and linguist.

1889 – William Feather, American journalist, magazine publisher, and nonfiction author who was also known for his aphorisms (known as “featherisms”).

1889 – Aslaug Vaa, Norwegian poet, author, and playwright; her works contain elements from local tradition and landscape mixed with international influences.

1893 – Isabel Mary Mitchell, Australian novelist, detective novelist, and memoirist; she went blind in the 1940s and wrote about it in Uncharted Country: Aspects of Life in Blindness. She also wrote eight novels after losing her sight, through the use of dictaphone and typewriter; her detective fiction was published under the pen name Josephine Plain.

1897 – Francois Jacobus du Toit, South African journalist and economist.

1899 – Paul Herman Buck, Pulitzer Prize-winning American historian and professor.

1912 – Tsuneari Fukuda, Japanese writer, poet, playwright, translator, literary critic, novelist, professor, and linguist; he is best known for his translations of William Shakespeare’s work into Japanese.

1913 – Walt Kelly, American animator, cartoonist, and writer who was best known for Pogo but who also worked for Disney.

1917 – Leslie Hilton Brown, Indian-born British and Kenyan agriculturalist, naturalist, ornithologist, researcher, and author; along with several books, including British Birds of Prey, he wrote the Encyclopædia Britannica entry on the Falconiforms.

1921 – Brian Moore, Northern Irish novelist and screenwriter, known for his depictions of life in Northern Ireland after WWII; he was described in the L.A. Times as “one of the few genuine masters of the contemporary novel.”

1923 – Dorothy Dunnett, Scottish author of historical novels and detective novels; she was also a portrait painter and a sculptor.

1923 – Edmond Kiraz (born Kirazian), Egyptian-born French-Armenian editorial cartoonist and illustrator.

1925 – Thea Astley, prolific and acclaimed Australian novelist and short-story writer.

1928 – Abdul Hameed, Pakastani Urdu fiction writer and screenwriter who is best known for writing a popular children’s television play Ainak Wala Jin.

1931 – Tchicaya U Tam’si (born Gérald-Félix Tchicaya), Congolese author, poet, and journalist; his pen name means in Kikongo, “small paper that speaks for a country.”

1931 – Misa Yamamura, South Korean-born Japanese novelist and mystery writer; she is considered the queen of mystery novels in Japan, and is often compared to Agatha Christie.

1933 – Halima Khatun, award-winning Bangladeshi writer, academic, and activist; she took part in Bengali Language Movement.

1933 – Patrick McManus, American humor writer whose columns focusing on the outdoors have been gathered into popular books.

1934 – Helao Shityuwete, Angolan-born Namibian author, autobiographer, politician, and military commander.

1935 – Tufan Miñnullin (full name Miñnullin Tufan Gabdulla uli), Tatar writer, playwright, screenwriter, and publicist.

1935 – Charles Wright, American poet and writer who was U.S. Poet Laureate and winner of both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

1937 – Virginia Euwer Wolff, American author of children’s books, most well known for her “Make Lemonade” series.

1938 – Frederick Forsyth, bestselling English author of thriller novels who is also an occasional political commentator..

1939 – Marshall Brickman, Brazilian-born American screenwriter, best known for his collaborations with director/screenwriter Woody Allen and for a series of comical parodies published in The New Yorker.

1941 – Beppe Costa, Italian poet, novelist, and publisher.

1942 – Howard Jacobsen, Booker Prize-winning British author, broadcaster, and journalist.

1946 – Charles Ghigna, American author of children’s books who also goes by the name Father Goose.

1949 – Martin Amis, British novelist, short-story author, and nonfiction writer who is the son of celebrated author Kingsley Amis.

1949 – Howard Thornton Joseph, New Zealand rugby player, journalist, lawyer, and novelist; his book Game Without End is about rugby in New Zealand.

1953 – Uladzimir Arlou (known as U.A. Arlou or as Vladimir Aljakseevich Orlov), award-winning Belarusian historian, writer, politician, and poet.

1955 – Shogo Sato (born Kanetaka Sato), Japanese novelist, essayist, short-story writer, and bicycle racer.

1956 – Cinzia Sasso, Italian journalist, writer, and book author.

1958 – Emiliano Cotelo, Uruguayan journalist and radio personality known for his interviews with local and international politicians.

1959 – Ian Falconer, American children’s book author and illustrator, best known for his Olivia books; he also designs theater costumes and sets.

1959 – Lane Smith, American children’s book author and illustrator, best known for his collaborations with author Jon Scieszka.

1960 – Oludotun “Dotun” Adebayo, Nigerian radio presenter, writer, and publisher.

1962 – Taslima Nasrin, Bangladeshi author, poet, and former physician who has lived in exile since 1994

1967 – Laura Anne Gilman, Nebula Award-nominated American author of fantasy, mystery, romance, and young-adult novels.

1973 – Mamare Touno (real name Daisuke Umezu), Japanese author of light novels and manga; his series Log Horizon and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha have both been adapted into anime.

1975 – Adonis Durado, award-winning filipino poet, visual journalist, and graphic designer.

1977 – Masumi Asano, Japanese novelist, writer, singer, voice actress, and lyricist.

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