Sophomore Year Begins

He’s all moved in! We drove down to the university this weekend, spent a night in a rented apartment, and then moved Jon Morgan into his dorm on Monday morning, to begin his sophomore year of college.

He is living on campus, but his dorm is set up as apartments, so he and his roommate share a bedroom, kitchen and living room area, and bathroom. And it’s very close to the music department, where most of his classes are. Last year, covid number spiked after all the students moved in, and the university had to close campus and send most of the students who lived in university housing home for a month. As much as I miss him already, I hope the school can keep them safe on campus, so that this school year isn’t as stressful and disrupted as last year’s.

As for my son, he’s very happy with his new space and his new roommate, and is looking forward to a great sophomore year. He starts classes tomorrow.

And I’m back at home, where the house seems so, so much emptier.

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