Packing It In

We knew our little Prius just wouldn’t be large enough, so we rented an SUV and are loading it up to get Jon Morgan to school with all his stuff. Unfortunately, it’s a compact SUV, and we couldn’t quite get everything in it, unless one of us stays home. So we had to put the last few things in our own little car, and we’re driving both down.

He’s living on campus again this year, but in a dorm that’s set up as apartments, so he needs kitchen things, cleaning supplies, and so forth. Not to mention his computer, school stuff, bedding, piano, and violin.

And clothes. I’ve been telling him all week to have all of his laundry finished by Thursday, so we could pack up his clothes early. So, naturally at 3 am this morning, he still had a load each in the washer and dryer, and another load waiting its turn.

So we were up late, but now it’s done. And here is the rental car, all loaded up and ready to go.

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