National Geocaching Day

I just realized that today is National Geocaching Day. Do you Geocache?

Geocaching is an activity that involves the use of a GPS device and instructions or clues to located containers called “geocaches” at specific locations all over the world. Anyone who has registered on the website can hide a geocache or search for one.

Caches vary widely. Some are large boxes like the one my son is holding in the photo at right; some are smaller than your fingernail. Typically, a Geocacher carries along some small trinkets to leave in the caches (unless they’re micro-caches) and can choose a trinket to take from those others have left. There is usually a notebook or scroll for signing your Geocaching user name when you find a cache.

My son and I are Geocachers, but we’re pretty casual about it. We’re really not that experienced, but when we’re planning to travel and we think about it, we bring along our Geocaching bag and search for caches in the area.

Last week we compiled a list of three caches in the area we were visiting in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Two of them were high in the mountains near the Appalachian Trail. We weren’t able to go after those two, though we tried. The third, though, was rated as much easier to find, a quick “park and grab” cache, not far from the local general store and the volunteer fire department.

We parked in the vicinity, and Jon Morgan jumped out to search for it. After a few minutes, he called out, “I found out!” and I walked over to join him. This was an unusually large cache, in a big, heavy, metal box that was some kind of ammo case. We signed our user names, added our trinkets (mine was a little bell, and Jon Morgan’s was a black Lego), and decided not to take anything away from it. Then we got on the road and headed toward home.

Eventually, we would like to hide a Geocache of our own. When we moved here and relocated my Little Free Library to our new front yard, we built a hidden compartment into the base, with plans to someday hide a cache there. We didn’t count on the pandemic. My LFL has been closed because of the virus, so we have not yet hidden the Geocache, but I hope we can do that before long.

Happy Geocaching Day!

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