Big Foot Sighting

I recently read about a bigfoot sighting in Oklahoma. We have our own big foot here at my house. Actually, we have two big feet. Both belong to my teenage son. Today we went shopping for a pair of everyday shoes — sneakers — for him to bring back to college. He’s always had large feet. In the past, I’ve been able to find shoes for him at Rack Room, big box store chain. They were never easy to find; the store seldom had more than a few pairs in his size. Last year, there was only one pair. But today, we could not find any at all.

He wears a size 15 shoe. Yes, that’s big. But he is not the only person I know who wears a 15. Why can’t an enormous shoe store like Rack Room carry at least a few pairs? I understand that manufacturers can make more money on shoes that can be mass-produced in enormous quantities. But isn’t there also money to be made by offering something that is a necessity, yet is not available elsewhere? Put out the word that Rack Room has large sizes, and big-footed people would flock there from all over the D.C. area.

I’ve had similar issues myself, though not to such an extreme. The average shoe store carries some shoes (if you’re lucky) in a woman’s size 10, and nothing at all (or very little) in size 11. Technically, I probably wear a 10.5, but most manufacturers don’t make women’s shoes above a 10 in half sizes, so people with big feet who need a half size are just expected to wear shoes that are not a good fit.

Next, we’re going to search online for his size 15s.

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