Magic Bullets: Weird Holidays

February’s Weird Holidays list has a Daily Prophet theme, inspired by the look of the wizarding newspaper from the Harry Potter series. Shown are the first and last pages of my holidays section. Lettering and drawing are original, except, of course, the photograph on the second page. Because I had extra space, I added a captioned photo of an event that took place at Hogwarts in February of Harry’s fourth year.

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Or, if you prefer, you could celebrate National White Wine Day today. Or start your day off with a big bowl of cereal; it’s also National Raisin Bran Day. Yes, these are all actual observances for today, August 4.

I love weird holidays. I love them enough so that I include a list of them in my Bullet Journal every month. As far as I know, such listings are not a typical staple of Bullet Journals, but I get out a kick out of the crazy, interesting, and occasionally poignant holidays people observe, so I have been including pages of these sometimes wacky commemorations in my journal each month.

In this blog, I’ve been posting an occasional series of entries to display some of the pages I’ve created for the Harry Potter-themed Bullet Journal I’ve been keeping since January.

For example, a few days ago, I posted images of some of my favorite monthly cover pages. And back in January, I showed off my very first Weird Holidays pages, which had a Marauders Map theme. My Bullet Journal, by the way, has a Harry Potter focus because I began keeping it after taking an online workshop on bullet journaling presented by my Harry Potter group.

Today, I’m showing off a few more of my favorite Weird Holiday pages.

By June I was including fewer Weird Holidays for each day, picking only the most interesting ones, in order to keep the length of the Weird Holidays section down to two pages. The layout of these pages is based on Professor Dolores Umbridge’s “Educational Decrees” in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

This is the first page of the July Weird Holidays listing, the design based on a poster for the Quidditch World Cup in Harry Potter and the TriWizard Tournament.


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