No More Quarantine

Beginning Monday, England is lifting its quarantine rules for incoming vaccinated travelers from the U.S.! Wales has just announced that it’s following suit. This means that Americans traveling there will have to provide proof of vaccination and pass a covid test before traveling and a few days after arriving, but will not have to stay in a hotel room for ten days upon arrival.

We’ve been hoping this would happen; our trip in October was depending on it. We’re in our first hotel for only four days. Even if it were ten days, there wouldn’t be much point in going if we have to spend most of the trip sitting inside a hotel, even if it is a really beautiful old inn with a lovely view of the English Channel.

So now we should be allowed to go, at least. Of course, with the rapidly rising numbers of covid cases, due to the virus’s extremely contagious Delta variant, we may still need to cancel if we decide it just isn’t safe. We’ll reassess in a month or so.

St. Michael’s Mount, just off the coast of Cornwall, near Penzance, is one of the sites we’ll visit if we can actually take this trip to the U.K. this fall.

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