We Made a Table!

Here is the new table we built this weekend! We had a few issues with lousy directions, but in the end it all came together, and we are pleased with the result.

We made a table!

After my mom gave me a couple of nice patio chairs she had in her yard but never used, I decided it was time to get a patio table, too. I didn’t have a strong feeling about what it should be made of, but I knew I wanted a rectangular one that could fit up to six people. And it needed a hole for an umbrella.

Unfortunately, the eccentricities of the retail industry mean that by mid-July, it’s hard to find merchandise that’s actually meant to be used in the summer. Instead, the stores are filled with fall items. And my husband was adamant about not wanting to spend enough to get something really high-quality, which might have been easier to find than a more reasonably priced one.

After trying various stores and websites, I ended up at Home Depot, where there was a table I liked very much. Unfortunately, though it was right there on display, the store did not have any and could not order one. The only other rectangular table was in a box; there was no display item. It didn’t seem quite large enough, and it had a glass tabletop, which we were afraid would be prone to breaking if a tree branch should fall on it.

So I went on the Home Depot website, and I did see one that was the same model I had considered on a another site. It was made of wood, and was expandable, with a hidden leaf inside that would increase it from a table for four to a table for six. We ordered the table, and it arrived in just a few days.

Like so many other items, it had to be assembled. Bob and I spent several hours on Saturday putting it together, but had to stop when it began to rain when the table was a few steps shy of complete. It wasn’t exactly easy. There were a few pieces that were supposed to have holes predrilled in a particular spot but didn’t. And several places where the diagrams in the directions were nearly useless. But we muddled through, and pulled out a drill when needed. We finished it up the table today, and then sealed the wood with a couple coats of teak oil.

And now we have a table! I’m looking forward to trying it out on Thursday when my writer’s group meets here.

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