TV Entitlement

Some stranger on the internet insulted me yesterday when I said I won’t pay extra to watch television. We were discussing the fact that Amazon recently began charging extra for some programs that used to be included in the regular member fee. I said I would not pay any more to watch a television show. She said, “How entitled people are these days about wanting everything for free.”

What’s free? I already shell out the hefty yearly fee for Amazon Prime. If programs that used to be included in that fee now cost extra, then I won’t watch them. I’m not demanding anything; I’m annoyed that Amazon has, in effect, raised its fees without notifying customers. And I don’t feel I can afford to pay more than I am already paying for television. So I’m choosing not to watch those shows. Am I the one who’s being unreasonable?

I think it’s Amazon that’s feeling entitled to take advantage of its customers. And people like the woman who criticized me who feel entitled to judge others based on what we can or are willing to pay for entertainment.

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