Get Out the Vote

I just mailed 75 postcards to New Hampshire. That leaves me with 125 left to write and mail. I’m writing and sending Get Out the Vote cards to a list of New Hampshire residents who voted in 2020 and are likely Democratic voters.

I don’t mind writing the cards — though often, I find the wording I’m supposed to follow to be quite badly written, and this time is no exception, though it’s not as egregious as some. But I just came from buying stamps at the Post Office, and realized, once again, that I should not agree to do these too often. I just paid $72 for stamps to mail two hundred cards. And I’ll need more stamps when I receive the next batch of cards I put in for; those will go to voters here in Virginia. I can’t afford to keep offering to write stacks of 200 cards, since I am also on the hook for paying to mail them — especially with stamp prices increasing again next month. That will be the second increase this year for postcard stamps! So I will have to slow down after the next batch.

On the other hand, I do like doing my part to get more people to the polls.

And, by the way, wherever you live, please be sure to vote in every election!

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