Bookcrossing, Up Close and Personal

I had actual, in-person conversations with real people today! My Bookcrossing group held our first nonvirtual meeting since the pandemic began.

We met in Andy’s backyard, with a canopy for shade, and it was great, despite the heat and humidity. We all brought food, and Andy offered soda, snow cones, and cotton candy. Of course, we all provided books for our usual “book buffet,” just a table full of books that everyone goes through to choose some to bring home, preferably different books than the ones we brought. The local Bookcrossers are a fantastic group of book-loving people, and it was so nice to catch up with them.

A storm was on the way, and when we started to hear thunder, we figured it was time to wrap it up. Andy had supplied a list of Little Free Libraries, and I’d planned to visit some afterward. I checked out the one in front of Andy’s house, and photographed Action Figure Jane Austen in it. But by the time I finished there, the rain was falling, so I skipped the rest of the LFLs and headed out.

Action Figure Jane Austen poses on the roof of a Little Free Library. She accompanied me to the Bookcrossing meetup today, and is looking forward to more LFL visits.

I guess I should explain the Jane Austen thing. I’m surprised I have not written a post about it before now! I call this project WWJR, or What Would Jane Read? Action Figure Jane Austen and I like to visit Little Free Libraries together. At each one, I take her photograph in the book box and leave behind Jane Austen-related books, along with a bookmark I made up. Then I blog about the visit.

Jane and I have checked out Little Free Libraries across the U.S., from Florida to Alaska, as well as some in Canada. I have recorded many such visits on my old blog, but during covid I had stopped traveling, so I haven’t created any WWJR posts since I’ve had this blog on WordPress. Someday I will move over the old posts and add more here. In fact, I restarted LFL travel with Jane a few weeks ago, and hope soon to post some accounts of our visits.

And if you don’t know what Bookcrossing is, take a look at my earlier post about it.

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