Friday Five: Over the Summer Hill

  1. What sign marks the end of the summer for you?

It used to be Labor Day, because my son always started back to school the next day. Now that he’s in college, he’ll start earlier, so I guess it’s the now the third week of August that marks the end of the season in my house.

  1. What plans, if any, do you have for the rest of the summer?

Nothing all that exciting. We just returned a few days ago from our more unusual trip of the summer — to Tangier Island. And we will be driving up to Michigan in a few weeks to visit some of my husband’s family. His sister is planning a 40-mile bike trip for some of the group, but I don’t bike, so I’ll find something else to do that day with the other non-cyclist in the group. We have to buy some stuff for my son’s on-campus apartment, and the only other travel we have in mind for the rest of the summer is the trip to take him back to college.

This little guy was part of last months’ Cicada Invasion Force.
  1. How would you describe your summer/winter so far – too hot, too cold, too wet, too buggy or what?

It’s been hot, but I like heat, so I’m not complaining. As for bugs, the 17-year cicada invasion was interesting, but they’ve finished their assault on the region, and their babies are underground until 2038.

  1. Summer often means open windows and the sharing of conversations, music, games and so forth with everyone. What sort of neighbor are you? Loud or considerate?

We are fairly quiet neighbors, especially lately. The world is still in the midst of a pandemic, so we’re not holding parties. My writer’s group meets in my backyard once a week, but we get together and write (and chat a bit) so that’s not likely to disrupt anyone. As for opening windows, I generally don’t. I have allergies and don’t need pollen in the house. Sometimes my son practices piano when the front door is open (with the storm door closed). To be honest, he hasn’t spent much time at all practicing since he’s been home for the summer. The only feedback I’ve received about that in the past is very positive: the dog walkers passing by seem to appreciate the occasional Chopin or Rachmaninoff concert from my music major.

  1. Aside from spouses and pets, have you had any trouble with pests recently?

Yes! I saw a mouse in the house last night. We’ll have to pull out the traps today and bait them. There are a few fruit flies around the house, too, but we haven’t figured out why. Last week, I’d been warned about mosquitos and biting flies this time of year at Tangier Island, but we didn’t have any trouble with them, maybe because there was a breeze (also an actual tropical storm) while we were there.

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