I Knew There was a Table in There Somewhere…

For months, our dining room has been full of boxes and piles of stuff. We had some dampness in the basement last fall and had to clear some things out so that the workers could rip out the wet carpeting and fix the damaged bits of drywall. We stuck the displaced stuff in the dining room, figuring we’d have the rest of the carpeting ripped out and the basement tiled within the next few weeks, and then reorganize it all back into the basement. I hated the ugly, old, stained basement carpeting anyway.

And then the tile job kept getting put off. Partly this happened because of the daunting amount of time and money it will take. And partly it was because there is a lot more stuff in the basement, and we have to get more of it out before we lay tile. To add to the dining room chaos, we were adding shelves above the french doors, and they are not finished.

Well, this weekend we got sick of trying to see the dining room table beneath all of that stuff. So we went through the boxes and piles, threw things out, put aside other stuff to donate, and found places for the rest. And now we still have a basement with the carpeting partly ripped out and no tile yet. But at least we have a dining room again!

Here is the dining room: above, as it looked a few days ago, and below, as it looks now.

TOP: Before the decluttering, we could hardly tell there was a table in the dining room. BOTTOM: Now, we can not only see the table; but we can actually put flowers on it. Suddenly, it looks like a dining room again, and not a junk shop!

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